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    Level 1

    Hi,Can you guys tell me if a sand filled bag is allowed when doing the Level 1 shooting assesment?.Cheers,CJ

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    Hi I think you will find that you can use anything that you would normally use during a stalk .ie sticks , bipod or rucksack.
    If you can convince the assessor that you normally carry a sand bag around with you when stalking then again???

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    Hi, yes on the prone shooting from 100yds according to the bumf i have for the DSC1 i'm due to do in Sept, it says any shooting rest (coat, bag, gunslip or bipod) what ever is available really, PM me if you want to chat about it?


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    Sandbag NOT allowed when I did it and I think the instructions to Candidate actually mention it is not allowed. As others have said, rolled up jacket, bum bag packed with all sorts (concealed sand?) is permitted. But walking to the range with one hand dragging on the ground might give it away!

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    I'm going to don the flack jacket here...

    If you're not confident enough or cannot put your shots into a 4" group at 100yds in field conditions (i.e. without a sand bag) then perhaps you're not ready for the DSC1 yet?

    Not to say you can't do it... just that the DSC shooting test wouldn't really be a test if such assistance was permitted.


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    convinced mince is not allowed either

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    Quote Originally Posted by crawfordjohn View Post
    Hi,Can you guys tell me if a sand filled bag is allowed when doing the Level 1 shooting assesment?.Cheers,CJ
    Hi crawfordjohn, Next time your down the the range rifle with bi-pod on and rifle mounted to right shoulder.Bring your left arm to the back of the stock and make a fist with your hand.Rest the butt of the rifle on top of your fist. Tighten your fist to raise the stock and relax fist to lower stock.This should easily give you enough support and negate the the need for any other rear support.take a few deep breaths and forget all around you and just squeeze off when ready.Remember a few people may not of even of fired a rifle before the course.Just go and have a good time meet some new people,listen and learn. Dont be nervous, you have no need.Hope this helps you on the day.Cheers High seat.

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    Different providers do different tests, so talk to your course provider and get the details from them and what target will be used. Then you can go and practice what is required. What High seat says is excellent advice. On small point to add is that you can also grip the sling and push the stock into your shoulder. Position yourself so that as you breath in and out the cross hairs moves up and down through the target.

    Regards JCS

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    Crawfordjohn, can I just ask why you don't use a bipod instead of a sand bag, surely that would be easier and more practical? I am not asking this question to be awkward or to fault you, I am asking purely out of interest mate.

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