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Thread: Fallow vs Sika?

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    Fallow vs Sika?

    Where I hunt, here in Texas, we have quite a few sika and fallow. We can hunt them year around, but usually don't. Here they usually come into rut from mid September through most of October. Is it the same in the UK? I have not killed a buck at that time, but have seen several and they were pretty nasty (smell and dark bodily fluids). Are they good tablefare at this time? I can shoot non-trophy(spikes and small forked.) If I don't hunt them, during rut, would you shoot one before or give them some time to get back in shape and hunt after rut, or does it make a difference? The temperature in early September can easily be in the upper 90s to low 100s whike by november the highs should be in the 70s. Also, given your choice which would you choose to eat? thanks capt david

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    The rut in the UK is at the same as you have in the US for these two species roughly. I would only personally take a beast prior to the rut for the freezer when they are in peak body condition. In scotland our seasons are 1st July to 20th october for sika stags, August to April 30th for Fallow bucks. Sika i find prior to the Rut always seem to be full of fat and excellent to eat with Fallow i would imagine being the same. I would choose sika over Fallow when it comes to venison but thats just my opinion, im not knocking Fallow as its meat does taste different but still enjoyable to eat.

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    Firstly I know nothing about fallow and so can only comment on sika.

    If you can shoot one before the rut then I think that is the time though I have shot small spiker stags during the rut that looked like they were not rutting and found them good eating. Our sika stag season runs from August to end of April and I would also shoot a stag from about February as I have found that they also eat well, assuming they look to have put on decent body condition and so on again.

    In saying this I would also tend to favour the smaller stags and although I have access to animals with big heads I've never shot one as my only interest is for the freezer really. Maybe next season I will shoot one for the wall.

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    Fallow bucks stink during the rut, I do not shoot them for the table during the rut.

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