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Thread: Another Bore

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    Another Boar

    I had Mark (foxhunter) over during the week to try for another boar, his first visit
    went well back in October ,he got a boar but quite a small one, so was here to try for
    a bigger one . We got up into seat at 8 oclock ,wind was just right , i felt sure we would
    see pigs as food had been taken 5 nights in a row before,very still and quiet as it got
    dark .Around 9 oclock i gave Mark a nudge i heard rustling on the dead bracken on our
    left and then a branch break somewhere out in front,nothing else approaches like that
    sneaking up to see if safe to come out,then scurrying off in to the wood, without a snort
    or grunt ,they were wary of something
    Another two long hours ,nothing happening and just about to give up as Mark had a fair drive home ,one last look ,i caught the flash of an eye up in trees ,a young boar sneaking back in,could now see him clearly just standing waiting ,i gave Mark a nod ,he was suitable to take ,he got his shot off quickly, and not a movement ,stone dead on the spot,perfect headshot using 150 grn ballistic tip from my 308
    A nice size male around 50kg pictures will be added soon
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    Cheers mate , another fantastic trip. Diana the goddess of hunting must have been shining down on me again !!!!

    See you shortly !!!

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    Christ Mark I,m crap with that camera

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    As this is a 'trade' post I'm sure you won't mind my pointing out that it should have boar (diminutive) in the title.

    I almost didn't read this as the title was a bit offputting. I thought (A) ... that you were badmouthing a post, although I'm sure no-one on SD would do such a thing..... or (B) that you were warning readers about someone
    The last thing I want to hear about is another bore, as there are plenty of these around already

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    Cheers Sinistral "heavy night last night"
    Think it will have to stay with wrong spelling
    cant find how to correct it
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    Another boar

    Taken in the right spirit. Go easy on the sauce

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	boar.jpg 
Views:	60 
Size:	540.1 KB 
ID:	6032Solwaystalker with the kit we use Tomson Center Icon 308 with Zeiss 6-24 x56 with
    Starlight Archer night vision,we have two night vision set ups,my mate Kezer uses the same now on his
    Blaser 308

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    Took me all night to put the bloody thing on the thread Foxy

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    This may appear to be a silly question, but no harm in asking it.

    Do you sell the boar carcasses to a game dealer? If so, do the Meat Hygiene Regs. apply in the same way as deer entering the food chain - DSC1 qualified and so on?

    If you've eaten the meat yourself, how does it taste compared to the average home-reared bacon sarnie?

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