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Thread: Kids Climbing Frame Highseat Design

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    Kids Climbing Frame Highseat Design


    The previous occupiers of my house left behind a steel kids climbing frame. It is almost a purpose built highseat. Will only need a few supports welded to it.

    The red lines in the picture below is what I think I should get welded.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Before I make any mistakes can anyone make any other suggestions.



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    It might pay to bring the front rail out by 6''-10'', this will make it better for shooting and easier to get into. Maybe make the dimentions of the top rail larger all round buy a few inches? In my experience, the distance from the surface of the seat to the top surface of the shooting rail should be 22'', this has proved to be a good average for different sized people and different topography, obviously, if you are to be the primary user and you are particularly tall or short then make it to fit you. JC

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    Thats good info, cheers JC.

    I am 5' 10" and 13 stone, some of my mates may be 6' odd and 20 stone, so I would want to make sure it is OK for them as well.

    As metal is noisier than wood, I was also considering bolting on tanalised timber to the shooting rail, I have used pipe lagging on highseats before but the squirrels like destroying it, I can be bothered to keep replacing it!!!!



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    I use rubber inner tube cut into lengths, folded around the rail and cable tied on. The squirrels and birds seem to be less keen on it and it is more solid to rest the rifle on than pipe lagging (assuming that you have a rifle with a floated barrel before all the wannabes start shouting about 'mustn't rest the rifle on the rail!'). I would stay away from mixing wood and metal in the same structure. Make sure that there is a foot rest in the right place if there isn't already as, if this is wrong, your legs will ache and you'll wriggle around. JC

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    Another good tip about the inner tuber, cheers JC.

    A friend off the SD has already offered to do the welding so all I need to do is get down to the local scrappie and get some 25mm tube or box and get building.

    If you read my write up Roe Buck - 1st on this gound since I got permission

    The corner where I have seen the most activity is where this seat is going to be placed.

    Great thing is I have 2 of these structures so can build 2 seats, the photo only shows the top section there is another ladder to add to the bottom.

    What would you say the all round best height should be?



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    hey up mate ,can i offer a suggestion dont bother with the rear part of the frame its a waste as it will be redundant. if you use 25mm box section and cut two pieces at around 100mm and set them on an angle you can use some 20mm conduit for your rail this will be adjustable in the box section so your rail moves up and down . you can bend the tube for your rail and weld up the back for stregnth ,just use a school chair as your base welded on to some flat bar on that base and your away,atb wayne

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    Got me. thinking, if you have a motorbike franchaise near you call in and see if they have any delivery pallets Galvi steel box and slats for salvage. Worth a look the don't save them or did not.

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    Ask Buck52 if you can copy his hes got one thats very similar to what you intend making

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    heres my design to grasp what im on about,atb wayneClick image for larger version. 

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