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Thread: undocked tail and dew claws

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    undocked tail and dew claws

    hi there does anyone use undocked gsps for working i would think not myself,and is taking the dew claws off a must if the dog is going to be worked.

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    I dont know about GSPs but springers with even half dock tails smash them up, I have 2 with half dock tails and have had problems from start to finish. Dew claws get pulled and have no use so can put a dog out of work if they get damaged for nothing.

    I would not take on undocked stuff and if they are being docked then the dew claws may as well be done at the same time.



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    Hi I see you are in Scotland,so you will be well aware that we can no longer dock, I have GSPs one of which is undocked
    maybe I have been lucky but have never had a problem with injured tails, unlike a lot of the lads with spaniels,
    Would much prefer GSPs to be docked but its no longer an option.

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    I don’t see the problem with HPR breeds not being docked, a Spaniels is a different matter. HPR will either be at heel if stalking or are running on open ground if being used for feather, it should only enter cover to flush on command. Nobody has any problems with Lab’s having full tails or with English Pointers, working Setters etc.

    Plenty of people using GWPs for working including field trials with undock tails, not heard of any problems yet.

    Spaniels working in cover is a different matter, they are almost bound to bash up there tails.

    As said at the minute in Scotland it is irrelevant anyway you can’t dock them that’s the law.



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    I have 2 young GSP Bitch,s which are undocked. 1 of the dogs has had her Dew claws removed and the other has not. I have Breed GSPs and worked them for many years and was always against the docking BAN but GSPs with Tails i dont see a problem, if anything it saves a lot of dogs going about with stumps for tails and when i watch my young Dogs run it is obvious how much they use there tails. The older pup has just had her first season on Clearfell and can i say what a Dog, and as for problems with tails none and the terrain dosent get any harder for a working dog than clearfell sites.


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    yes im well aware docking is illegal and inhumane,it does not stop gamekeepers and other hunters from doing this,i just wanted to know if pointers with tails would be better for pets or show,and plenty of people would not touch them to hunt if they have tails.

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    The answer to your question is plenty of people do uses them without apparent problem, the reality is north of the boarder more and more will do so, me included as unless you buy your dogs south of the boarder because that is all you will be able buy, unless the ban is over turned.

    I don’t know who these keepers/stalkers are who are docking tails, I can only assume you mean English/Welsh citizens. Hypothetically if you were a Scottish FAC owner and you illegally dock a dog tail, you would be showing scant regard for the law, I am sure that the FLO would take a very dim view of this if the said individual was found out.



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    Quote Originally Posted by bunwell wood shoot View Post
    Dew claws get pulled and have no use so can put a dog out of work if they get damaged for nothing.
    The front dew claws are very useful. If you see a dog playing with a toy you can see how much they do use their front dew claws. It's like having your thumbs cut off. The back claws serve no purpose and are best removed.

    There is nothing inhumane about removing a dogs tail before it's eyes are open.

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    with regards to docking in Scotland,i have found out that you can not go over the border to have this done and bring them back BUT you can have the pups born in England then on your way back into Scotland have them done and this is legal.What gets me is it don't make sense.The Scottish Government told me that the report into docking was done by some well educated boff in BRISTOL but made a right pigs ear out of the report so now they are commissioning another one but the results wont be back until may of next year and by the time it goes to parliament your looking at 2015
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnieandgem View Post
    yes im well aware docking is illegal and inhumane
    It's not inhumane at all in fairness - done at the right age and the right way the pups barely give a reaction - we're all guilty at times of anthropomorphism when trying to interpret our dogs behavior - to think that this scars them for life is a bit of a stretch. What happens to terriers when the bitch rolls over on them - is that why some won't enter - they're afraid of tight spaces after the trauma
    If you've never done it or seen it done properly then Youtube has a few videos and you'll see that pups go through a lot worse aggro than tail docking.

    Google "neonatal sub period" and you'll get an idea of what's going on during this stage of the pups life.

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