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Thread: Browning A Bolt Medalion .243 - My first centrefire!!

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    Browning A Bolt Medalion .243 - My first centrefire!!

    Well I have to thank Mosa for a 'pain free', straightforward sale of his 243. He was great to deal with and completely honest about the rifle in every way...he put up with pm or email after email from me asking for all sorts of details to do with rifle, moderator and scope.
    It came the day after posting and I collected it and gave it a quick clean. It doesn't look to have had a great deal of use, the bolt was very smooth to operate. I was chomping at the bit to try it out. The bolt had a bit of discolouration on it, it doesnt affect the operating of it but I wonder if there is anything that will clean it up?

    Today I got together with my mentor, and a stack load of Priv 100grn sp that his rifle doesnt shoot well, but Mosa told me this rifle liked. With the good weather we were both on a bit of a deadline [as] and we had the dogs to walk too so it ended up just a quick few shots to test grouping. I copied and shrunk the DSC1 test by 75% so the squares were .75", just to shrink the target centre.

    My first three shots out of the barrel made my day!! There was a very slight R>L breeze and I managed to get the first two shots touching edge to edge, the target sheet lifted on the third shot which landed about 0.5" directly under the other two, almost central to them. To say I was made up was an understatement. The shots were about an inch high of centre which will do me nicely. The grouping was about 3" to the left and I adjusted that over by 2" to take into account the very slight breeze.

    All in all it was a pleasant experience, the T4 moderator coped very well with the noise. The was more recoil than I was used to but I will get used to that as I use it more.

    On a high we took the dogs for a mooch, we didn't get anything although Bill decided to mark and dig out a hole of some 24" but the embankment is riddled with tunnels and holes so without my smoker there was not much hope.

    A good couple of hours and to cap it all Derek let me have a few of his own shot venison sausages and the famrer gave me a dozen turkey eggs to try....needless to say me and my daughter had a nice lunch!!

    A big thank you to Mosa and all who have given me advice over the past few months!!!

    Browning A-Bolt Medalion .243 Doctor Optics 8x56 T4 Mod
    CZ Varmint .17HMR + 6.5-20x56 + Wildcat Mod
    CZ American .22lr + 3-9x56 + Mod
    Baikal 12g single ejector

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    A cheeky question really....does anyone have a Browning trigger spring i could have? I know they do packs of 2 or so replacement springs to reduce the pull weight and was wondering if anyone had a spare.....

    Secondly I have read the manual which tells of adjusting the spring but doesnt mention its replacement. I take it removing the screw completely will allow for the removal and replacement of the spring...

    the pull weight is about 4lb now and it is as low as it will go with the spring that is in at the moment...


    Browning A-Bolt Medalion .243 Doctor Optics 8x56 T4 Mod
    CZ Varmint .17HMR + 6.5-20x56 + Wildcat Mod
    CZ American .22lr + 3-9x56 + Mod
    Baikal 12g single ejector

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