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Thread: Game Dealers

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    Game Dealers

    hello all,

    does anyone know of any game dealers in or around east lothian?

    cheers, Dan.

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    I am not aware of anyone and will be keen to see what other posters know. The syndicate that I am in has an arrangement with Highland Game and they pick up from us.

    Regards JCS

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    cheers JCS,

    my old man deals with highland game. he's going to give them a call for me today. not had any luck sourcing dealers in the area... never mind.
    could you tell me what highland game are paying for roe?

    regards, Dan.

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    My understanding is 2/kg for 12kg and over, 1/kg for under 12kg, but I could be out of date.

    Regards JCS

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    And the very latest word is they are not collecting this week as FC are not shooting.......

    Regards JCS

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    talked to them today, they wont pick anything up... would have to hall it to dundee...

    regards, Dan.

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    I believe the butcher in east Linton does take game.

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    You have Mark Bower at Gorebridge the top side on the Temple road, or R Welsh at Duns they are the nearest to East Lothian,hope that helps you out fella.

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    hi lads,

    had a chat with mark Bower a couple of days ago verminator, he says he dosnt really have a market for venison in the summer. will keep looking though. ill let you all know how i get on.

    cheers Dan

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    May be worth checking with Shaws Fine Meats. they have a few branches, one is in Lauder and one is in Edinburgh - I'm guessing venison sold to the Lauder branch could be shipped to the Edinburgh branch, where there is a good market for venison.

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