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Thread: which 270

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    which 270

    hi guy's. i,m now about to buy a 270 which is for mainly deer and odd fox been looking at the howa's 1500 but just wondering what people would buy with upto 1000(just rifle and new) of your hard earned cash. any advice and opinions most welcome. thanks in advance stav

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    Second hand Sako 75 or new Tikka T3/Browning X bolt/ Rem 700?

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    Browning X bolt or even a s/h A bolt for half your budget.

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    sako sauer (sh) if need be.

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    ....depends largely on what you like with that budget......

    Here's my Ruger M77 Hawkeye in 270 to whet your appetite......

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    There are still new Sako 75's about for the top of your budget. This one, a Deluxe, is for 1,295 (but you could haggle) There are others out there too!

    I would not willingly part with my Sako 75, they are outstanding for the price.

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    I have had a Tikka T3 Lite in .270 from new.

    Out of the box was able to do 1" groups with no mod.

    Since adding a Northstar mod, I have tightened the groups to less that 1".

    You can get a new one for less than 1000.

    I will never part with mine. It will be with me for life.

    Good luck with you search



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    ive got a good one in 30 06

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    Spend 300 on a good Parker Hale .270 and spend 700 more than you were already planning for on really good glass to go on top. Just as accurate as anything new. I have one, as do Mereside and Vizslamad, all in .270Win' and they are all accurate as hell (at least V's is when anyone other than him is firing it but that's his OAP eyes rather than the rifle).

    If it has to be new, I have endlessly impressed with Gadget's tupperware and stainless steel Tikka T3 - prints irritatingly small groups in all weathers with any round he shoves through it, from my polished and fettled handloads to crappy PPU ammo. I also like the X Bolt as it is light and has the nicest synthetic stock I have handled on a rifle.


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    got 1k (when our lass losers her bet)for the scope in afew weeks so got that covered.could get abit more together for a better rifle if it stands out from the rest but only another 3/4 hundred at a push.stav

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