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Thread: .243 Tikka 590 Deluxe

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    .243 Tikka 590 Deluxe

    Hi Folks,

    Now SOLD for asking price - pending funds.

    Here we have for sale, my .243 Tikka 590. I'm looking for 450 for the rifle and rings.


    Deluxe version with dark walnut stock & a rose-wood grip cap & fore-end.
    3 shot magazine capacity + 1 in the breech.
    Excellent trigger, adjusted to a crisp 2 pounds.
    Screwcut to 1/2" UNF 20 - complete with thread protector.
    Windage adjustable steel bases & rings, allowing the mounting of scopes with up to 56mm objective.

    A great looking rifle, it is a shooter as well. Without major effort, I got it shooting into 3/4" & promptly gave up load development & went hunting! As you might expect from a used rifle, it has a couple minor scratches in the stock, as well as a small 'bruise' in the wood under the fore-end, where a previous user did horrible things attaching a bipod! Nothing that cannot be steamed out & re-finished if you wish.

    The 590 dates from the days before Beretta cost-accountants got their hands on the Tikka range, & this shows in the quality of the construction and 'feel' of the rifle. In those days, barrels for both Tikka & Sako ranges were literally taken from the same bin and screwed onto whatever model was bening produced at the time. The result? Sako accuracy for Tikka prices - a bargain even then!

    It makes a superb stalking rifle - while the calibre lets it double as a very effective foxing tool. I am only letting it go, as I need a larger calibre as a 'Client' rifle for Wild Boar shooting - otherwise, it's a keeper!

    Thanks for looking!

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    I hav one of these , most reliable rifle I hav ever owned
    certainly has delivered the goods over the years and still going strong after several thousand's of rounds
    I was offered 350 for mine to day just for the action alone , so that must say something about the quality of these rifles
    I'm sure the new owner will be pleased
    best wishes

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    Thanks for the interest - as Pete says, I'm sure the eventual owner will be delighted with this rifle.



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    Thanks for your interest - rifle has been sold to WA, pending funds.



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    dear sir, should for any reason the sale break down please contact me, yours Buster dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by buster dog View Post
    dear sir, should for any reason the sale break down please contact me, yours Buster dog
    if the gods shine and the 2 offers you have fail ile have it

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