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Thread: 16 inch wheels for Nissan X-Trail

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    16 inch wheels for Nissan X-Trail

    Others on the forum might have followed my tales relating to the fact that I can't get any tyre on earth, certainly not a decent one, to fit the 17 inch X-Trail wheels. So, thought to ask here if anyone has 4 X 16 inch wheels off an X-Trail they might sell? I'm in Northern Ireland so you'd have to be willing to post - I know postage can be steep (50 - 70 quid) and I don't need tyres. They also don't need to be in top notch condition. In terms of money I'm not looking to pay more than the ebay rate which has been between 50 to about 120 for 4 or sometimes 4 + spare over the last while. Am also watching ebay but thought if someone on here has some sitting about doing nothing might as well put the cash their way.

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    What size tyres were u looking for

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    I'm not really looking for tyres at all - the 17 inch wheels take 215 60 R17 I think and the 16 inch rims take 215 65 R16. Unfortunately there are no decent tyres on earth to fit the 17 inch rims and I was looking to fit a set of General Grabber AT2s if at all possible so this means moving to 16 inch rims. If I could get any AT tyre at all for the 17 inch rims I'd probably fit them to save the cost of an extra set of rims.

    You'd think that with so many X-Trails out there and with 16 inch rims for them doing good business on ebay that someone out there would come up with a decent AT type tyre that would fit the standard wheels but it looks like my only option is going to be to go for 16 inch rims.

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    16" wheels with your hole partern are like rocking horse do do ! You be much better with the choise of tyre going 15" with 235/75x15 . Try suzuki vitara rims or fortrak at the scrappers before you buy. To check the pcd & offset

    check here

    tyres here

    ( I done this before too )
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    I understand MrYou but putting the 16 inch X Trail wheels on makes life easier with the insurance company - up to about 18 months ago they all came with these wheels as standard so it is easy to sell that to them. I've tested the waters on this one.

    There are no suitable alloys in scrappers around here at the minute but probably don't need them until October now so in now rush, however if someone had some sitting about am still in the market - trying to spread the cost of wheels and tyres over a few months so the if i can get wheels they can sit in the garage for a while :-)

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    I have the same problems and I have recently been told that the new General Tire Grabber AT (replacement for the AT2) in 235 65 R17 brought out for the new Freelander might fit the standard X trail 17" rims and not foul mudflaps or arches. They are 26mm wider and very slightly taller. Just trying to find a fitter that's willing to order a set in to try without me paying for a potentially useles set of tyres up front!

    If not, the cheapest set of new exchange alloys I've found is 248 for four, including exchange postage.


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    Thanks for the info Adamant - I must ask in a local tyre place if they would fit the 235 65 R17 tyres to the X Trail or if anyone has done it. Will also post on the UK X Trail forum to see if anyone there has done it. I've no idea of what the safety/insurance implications are with fitting a slightly larger tyre size but going from 215 to 235 stikes me as quite a lot and I suspect I had previously asked about other 235 tyre options and was advised against it. Will see what I can find out.

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    Yep, I would be interested in the results of your investigations for the same reasons.

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    For what it is worth - I talked to a local tyre man today, he is a small operation but specialises in supplying tyres to the local off road clubs, and he says that the freelander 235 65 R17 tyres will be too tall for my XTrail and his money is they foul stuff under the arches and cause problems. He says the width is probably OK, i.e. that a slightly lower 235 tyre should probably fit but the 65 will not.

    That I can see from a quick look around there is nothing in, say, 235 55 R17 that is an AT type tyre though there would be several options in 215/225/235 of the Geolander/Scorpion/Grandtrek type tyre.

    So, while I can't rule out the 235 65 R17 my man said that his money would guess it would be an expensive mistake.

    As mentioned I will try the XTrail forums to see of there are any further opinions on this on.

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