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Thread: Reloading Component Exchange

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    Reloading Component Exchange

    Below is the link to an online spreadsheet which contains reloading sundries available. feel free to add to the list.

    Welcome to Google Docs

    You know when you get a new rifle or are looking for a new bullet to try through your trusty steed, well you either get it right and use the whole box of bullets as they work well or your left with a box which dont get used or get sprayed off at paper just to get rid of them..

    well... how about all us reloaders help each other out, especially in the current economic situation, not to mention the availability of powders/primers/bullets.

    What i mean is say your looking to try a different bullet, you put a post up asking for maybe 10 or 20 bullets of X brand and X weight, then if someone is local ish, you could either do a swap or just buy 10 - 20 bullets which you can then try out in your rifle, if these are successful, you buy some, if not, you have only spent a fiver and dont have all sorts of odds and sods in your ammo box...?

    When i sold all my .308 brass, i also helped a few guys out with a few different types of bullets to try. we have all seen how much forums can help us all, so maybe this would be use to us reloaders...?

    And if were on the subject... im looking for some 7mm 140gn SGKs, can swap for some 139gn 7mm interbonds or 139gn SSTs...
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    Not a bad idea at all. I have numerous boxes of half used factory ammo at home which I either don't use anymore, or cannot be brought stalking as there's only 6-8 left (2 for control shots, a few if re-zeroing required, and then there's not enough left to comfortably go stalking)...Also, how often do you buy ammo, to find the RFD don't stock that kind anymore, and you have a handful left of your old stuff, which like mentioned, might not be enough for stalking purposes.

    For example Caorach, he's been trying to get his Partitions to group, but is struggling a bit, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up giving up getting a good group with them...but someone else might thoroughly enjoy taking over a left over 20-30 bullet batch to see if they work in 'their' rifle, without having to go and buy a 50 or 100 box for a small fortune.

    Likewise, there are people who are sitting with small batches of 10+ bullets that are not being used, which would be great use to someone wanting to play around with different types in their rifle, before committing to a big box buy - particularly if you're looking at Nosler or similar,,

    ..I like the idea of this...

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    I'd be up for this. I have a relatively low ammunition allowance so if something doesn't work for me I don't really want three quarters of a box gathering dust and using up my allowance.

    Maybe we could set up a spread sheet with who'se got what to swap / sell / gift and where they are in the country.

    I have some 140 grain 7mm Pro Hunters and I wouldn't mind swapping a few for some 139 grain interbonds.



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    , I'll take anyone's left over Nosler Partitions in 130grain, for .270/277, Steve.
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    I have some 60gn Btip .224 Hornady (about 35-40ish left in the box)

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    Very good idea can only be F2F 'cos expanding bullets can't be posted? With petrol soon expected to reach 150/litre that could be difficult to justify travelling too far?
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    we could swap at the area meetings?

    better than the keys in the pot? or was that the one I didnt turn up to?

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    Obviously, F2F only and i suppose it depends on if people are local or passing, our meets would be a good place to swap BULLETS, no keys.. ha! Unfortunately i had a clear out recently of .243 and .223 so may have some of those 95gn .243 nosler black things with silver/grey tips.. cant remember what theyre called!

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    This is a really good idea, I'm currently trying to start reloading and looking at which weight and make of bullet to use but am stuffed as I can't really try anything more that one type at a time as boxes come in 50-100 and then there's all important cost factor!!! Would be great if you could say buy 20ish at a time or a small assortment to try out and develop loads with!! Like you can buy flies...

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    I have been the fortunate recipient of 6.5 bullets from a site member who changed calibre.

    I have some .264" 140gn speer soft points that someone could try if they want. I could also spare a few 129gn SST's for someone to try?

    A good idea.

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