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Thread: April DSC 1 with Jelen Deer Service

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    April DSC 1 with Jelen Deer Service

    Well after getting the stalking bug from a freind! a few years ago! I thought about getting a deer caliber so I could also stalk.
    After reading Loads of magazines/books and the general chat with other stalkers i Thought about better getting MENTORED!! But Again after speaking and reading views on web sites, I.e The Stalking Directory, I was pointed in the general direction of Jelen Deer Services from a few others who had also done the DSC1 put on by themselves.
    I Emailed mike alison at jelen who offered me a place on the april course so booked myself on it, I receieved the cousres cretique about 6 weeks prior to the course and thought OMG This is alot to learn, But as time past and a few well needed e mails from mike @ jelen for reassurance the weekend finally came about! gulp!
    We met at Longstock Hall done all the meet and greet and set about getting a grip of the course, a few hours of the basics and a mock test and that was the first day done!!.

    Day 2
    Meet at longstock and set about getting into the course for a few hours and mock test, Then its out in the Glorious sunshine to the range to set about the practical side of the test! well after a few wobbly shots down the range we had all got our eye's in! and a touch of sun which made it a pleasure

    Day 3
    Early start for a few mock test and alittle reassurance from the team and get set into the theory testing!! That done off to the range, Again in the sun to where we all past! whoop whoop.

    To that end if you are looking into doing your DCS level 1 I can and would HIGHLY recommend giving Mike and Dave @ Jelen Deer Services a thought as they run a very very good course

    And A Big "Well Done"??? To all the other people on the course who passed????

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    Hi Stu

    Yup was a top few days.....Another thank you to Jelen, I had a mare on the range, could hit the deer target no problem at all but that ****ing 4 inch circle I couldnt group for love nor money, the more I missed the worse it got in the end I was snatching them wide every time then my mount went poof at 5pm Saturday, so a big thanks to Dave for the rifle loan and calming me down

    Had another mare on the test with the small target then shot well at the deer.....Maybe it because its got numbers on, Peter said nowt wrong with that as I punched out the bull, next shot was about a mile away.

    The pre course support from Jelen is very good as is the shiney new website with practise tests etc.

    Thanks Jelen

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    Well done lads everybody preformed well on the course i dont think anybodys going to disapointed in a few weeks time.
    We were blessed this time with the weather.
    Dave (Jelen deer services )

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    Good to hear everything went well with the course. Well done lads. Booked in for the May course, so looking forward to (hopefully) coming out on the other side with the same great experience!

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    Thanks Mike Dave, Donovan and Simon aswell as Pete from Basc, It was an excellent course and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get into stalking.


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    Well I passed....Happy days thanks Jelen

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