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Thread: Ethical free-ranger saying hello from New Zealand

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    Ethical free-ranger saying hello from New Zealand

    Hi all was put onto this site by a friend in the UK

    I'm a guide from NZ below are a few pcitures (hopefully) from a hunt I recently did with my friend at the end of the season to wind down.

    The animal we were after was bull tahr. Access was by helicopter then 7 days hunting on foot. We spent 4 nights camped in a rock bivvy, the remaining 2 at our tented base camp.

    In all 100 tahr were seen no exceptional bulls, my friend shot the bull pictured for its nice golden cape. Was shot at 300m with .280 rem.

    Had a great trip in spectacular country and good company.

    Have added a picture of a chamois for good measure.

    Look forward to meeting some genuine hunters here!

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    Welcome to the site EFR. Nice pictures and a great first post - thanks very much. Look forward to many more.

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    Welcome EFR, those photo's make you want to start packing and head to the airport, the trouble is my mind keeps making promises my body can't keep


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    Welcome, nice chammy and Thar. Look forward to more posts from you.

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    Would you consider changing countries for a year!
    Boys own stuff and all that!
    welcome Trapper

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    Thanks for the positive feedback men.

    If it wasn't for a couple of forward thinking gentlemen from your neck of the woods NZ would not have Tahr, red, sika or fallow deer.

    Have had a bit to do with hunters from the UK, the hunters amongst you are great people with a great sense of humour.

    I have a friend who is heading to the scottish highlands next year to hunt reds. The particluar strain of reds I hunt here were originally from Dalhousie, Scotland.

    John, have attached a pic to make your knees knock

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    I fell off my bloody chair just looking at it. Me and that Thar would have both got there the same way, courtesy of gravity


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    Nice pics, looks like a great hunt. Which heli company did you use?

    Hope you enjoy it here!

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    Hi EFR, that bull Tahr is a stunning looking beast. Are they the Himalayan species & what would one that size weigh?

    ATB Chris

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