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Thread: Where are the bucks?

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    Where are the bucks?

    I have been out three times in the last two days and have seen four does and no bucks..................Isnt it typical !!!

    Anyone else having the same luck?

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    I was wondering the same thing!!!!!!!!!!

    I was out 3 times this weekend and saw:
    a. 1 Fox
    b. 50+ cockbirds
    c. 20+ henbirds
    d. 5 does
    e. 4 hares
    f. 2 partridges
    g. 4 ducks bucks...even stayed out extra late to make sure I wasn't missing out on some 'last light' action,,but alas, no bucks....

    another issued I had this weekend, I would stumble over the does!, I would be stalking, coming around small coppice woods or large shrub areas, and BANG, a doe 5 yds in front of me...time and time again, scared the h*ll out of both me and the does,...I'm lingering on the frayed ends of sanity after that..

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    Hi you guys you should not let them get hold of a calander it happens to me every year.march 25th loads of bucks 1st april a few in velvet hardly a clean buck to be found, seriously though I think a lot has to do with farmers and jo public moving about more.fertiliser spreading/spraying crops etc have a big effect.having said that been out twice this weekend found buck in velvet/clean buck and shot 3 foxes seen six three on sky line and its foxes first on that permission so bucks have been left alone one at 20yds nither of us wanted to move.

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    gods country....northumberland
    same tale here in northumberland, bucks very hard to find, shot a fox on saturday evening from a high seat, it had a badly injured foot, saw does on sunday morning, but no bucks.

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    I was out with some clients over weekend 3 nice big roe bucks shot and one very nice fallow buck shot never spotted less than about 20+ deer between us each outing they could have shot more but were only interested in big bucks

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    Are the bucks still showing in the norf?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Once the ruts finished Bucks just seem to disappear can't find them anywhere, might see a bit of movement again in September but won't expect to see much until then.

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    Same for me in yorkshire was out last night and there was 4 does and 6 kids (twins and 2 singles unattended other twins with mum) but not a buck in sight not to bothered as in the last few years once harvest is done they tend to reappear around on the stubbles so fingers crossed i will get a chance to catch up with the possible silver I have nocking about yet this season once he's spread his seed.


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    same here, think they all gone up to yorkshire

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    Rut certainly isn't over in the Borders yet!

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