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Thread: deer data

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    deer data

    anyone bought ray meres dsc deer data cd? is it any good? was wondering if it gives you practice questions from the question bank which will tell you were you went wrong.


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    i think you can do mock tests with it, but it will only down load to one computer, and if like me your laptop is on it's last legs then i,ll not be buying.stav

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    Quote Originally Posted by mo View Post
    anyone bought ray meres dsc deer data cd? is it any good? was wondering if it gives you practice questions from the question bank which will tell you were you went wrong.

    Hi Mo,

    If you want a system that offers you that facility, then you can access it through our brand new website at 9.99 (about 0.33p/day) for a month, and can renew it if you wish. Our last candidates on our DSCL1 course all used it and found it invaluable. You can pull off random questions on:

    DSCL1 Question bank - (50 random questions from the 284)

    Meat Hygiene - Large Game/Common Hygiene - (20 random questions out of the selection of both subjects - as you would get on your test)

    Safety - A Power Point Presentation which allows you to test your knowledge.

    Deer Identification - 20 Random, high quality slides from 104 photos (Photos by Brian Phipps)

    It really is all you need for DSC Level 1. You can test yourself as many times as you like on all disciplines, and you will instantly be given your score, and can also review the questions to find out where you went wrong. You can access it from any computer using your username and password. and we will upgrade the system within a matter of hours should there be changes to legislation, or to the DSCL1 assessment requirements, so you will never be 'out of touch' with the current requirements, and the system will ALWAYS be up-to-date.

    If you want to try out the system, You can access the system from our website: Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence and click on 'USER CENTRE' then click on 'SUBSCRIBE' and you can pay your 9.99 by Paypal. Once paid you will automatically be sent a username and password with which you can gain instant access to the INTERACTIVE LEARNING CENTRE and revision pages for all six species of UK deer.

    It'll be the best 9.99 you will spend! And it is available to ANYONE, regardless of whether they are training with Jelen Deer Services or not.

    Please do give me a call if you need any further information.

    Best regards,

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence
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    I got the deer data disk you are talking about and it is great. As has been rightly said it only goes on one computer. I think it is well worth the 49.



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    I am currently using the Jelen Deer online facility whilst revising for my DSC L1. I have found it very helpful and a great way to test your progress whilst learning. The site is easy to use and well worth the tenner a month in my opinion.


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    I will second that, I didn't do my DSC1 with Jelen however I brought their practice questions disk which was an amazing help. Every one else on the course was floundering around on the exam questions where after running through the disk questions a few times before the course I had the whole thing knocked off in about 10 minutes!


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    I have brought Ultimate Deer Data and found it to be an excellent learning package covering everything you could possible want to know about DSC1.
    I have also subscribed to the Jelen product as I was interested in doing a comparison. Contrary to what Mike mentioned earlier in this string, the 9.99 charged by Jelen, is only good value if you want to gain your DSC 1 without learning much. Don’t bother answering the questions in the quiz just click ‘finish’ and ‘review’ and all the answers are there without you having to do any work. If you want to cheat and go down this route be careful as the questions on this quiz are not up to date and I have noticed at least 50 differences against the most recent DMQ question bank and some answers are plain incorrect. The recognition quiz fails to address the sex of the deer as required in DSC 1 so only half helps. It’s also a pity that you pay a subscription only to be informed that some sections of the site are still under construction. Hmmm.
    Sorry Jelen but Ultimate Deer Data is light years ahead of your imitation.
    Bill Martin

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    Hi Billboy,

    I have sent you a PM on this. Look forward to hearing from you.


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    Got the Ray Mears BDS cd its great but as has been said it only will go on one comp which is a pity as i wanted to take it with me when i went away but still worth the money AAAAA++++

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