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    I Know Nothing

    Hi all,
    i'm Joe, i'm actually a Falconer. Work full time but do flying demonstrations at country shows. Recently stopped at a cottage in Scotland to go hunting with my Red-Tailed Hawk and while i was there sampled a bit of Stalking. Absolutely loved it and want to know if it's something i could get involved with in the future. If it's anything like Falconry then it's a bit of a closed shop but i hope to embark on stalking again at some point as i just loved it!! No idea of where i would start but hopefully being on here might enable me to understand a few things. Any advice welcome,

    Thanks all


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    Welcome to the site mate. You will get alot of good advice on here.

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    Cheers, hope so. As i say, no urgency to start tomorrow but know i'd like to do it again at some point, i suppose sourcing land etc is a big problem

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    welcome to the site mate
    just like hawking,stalking permission hard to gain,but all the more satisfying when you get it .flew birds myself till i got keepering you will get plenty of good advice on here mate
    regards norma

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    Welcome from Wales ! I'm new to the scene also, and it seems that the quicker you do you'r DSC 1, then the quicker you can go stalking ! Good luck..

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    I'd like to try falconry. Perhaps we could do a deal.

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    Haha, absolutely, your welcome over my way to come out with my Hawk or over to my friends place where he keeps over 30 birds for shows/breeding etc including owls, Hawks and Falcons.

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    Afraid I don't get south of the border much. But if you are heading north let me know and we might sort something out

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