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Thread: Catton park keepers fair

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    Catton park keepers fair

    Was it worth 10.00

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    I enjoyed it made a nice day out, not as much to see as at the major gamefairs but I was not expecting there to be it certainly gave me a chance to catch up with a few trade friends without worrying that I would miss something or not get around the whole thing.
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    I was lucky enough to have been gifted an unallocated advance ticket,so I'd had a result before I even got there!, I think a tenner was probably a little salty, but isn't most stuff going up in price?
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    It was nice weather and a nice walk not to strenuous as I had my 70y/o sister in tow. Got some muckboots and a one off wax cotton game bag. All in all a good day.
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    I was there on Saturday and thought it was a good day out, there was enough going on that you could spend a couple of hours wandering and the weather was a great help. The bonus for me was it wasnt as horribly busy as say weston, you could happily look round the stalls without having to fight through everyone and their mother!!


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