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Thread: How long before ticks bite?

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    How long before ticks bite?

    How long before ticks bite? Impossible to answer I guess, but any information / experience would be of interest to me and perhaps others.

    I recently picked up a couple of very small ticks, spotted one in my stomach and one behind my shoulder when I woke up on Saturday morning (1st April) and so I promptly removed them (with the smaller of the BADA "J" tools) and ringed the bite spots. A week has passed and no sign of the bullseye rash and I have felt OK so hopefully no damage done.

    However, the reason for my question is that I had not been stalking since the Weds morning when I shot a Fallow doe (30th March) and I think I would have noticed them over 3 days. So I assume I picked them up on the Friday morning walking the dog, but in an area with no high grass and little history of ticks. The final possibility is stroking our friends lurcher when out for dinner on the Friday night.

    I have never checked myself for ticks after dog walks or dog stroking; should I be starting to to now?

    I must confess to not checking for ticks post the Weds stalk as I had to rush to work, but I would have thought the ticks would have become engorged and dropped off after three days (assuming I had missed them)?

    Any thoughts / insights?

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    A little while ago I had one embedded in my groin(OW!)but it was still very small,as far as how quick they swell,I wouldn't think that they just blow up over night,but I may be wrong,I would of thought that you just missed them after the stalk mate.


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    martin yes i heard its very small in your groin area

    be in touch maybe this weekend you about

    regards pete .

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    I ended up with 12 bites and 9 tick nymphs removed from my arms/stomach/chest after gralloching my first buck of this season.
    I had my sleeves rolled up and am always looking for them getting on my arms. These little buggers were tiny.
    That is more ticks than I have had in the last 10 years!
    I phoned my GP who prescribed antibiotics just to be on the safe side. I have just finished a week on Doxycycline Hyclate capsules.
    I have shot another couple of bucks since then and they did not appear to have the same tick infestation present.

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    Thanks Hodmedod, I did roll my sleeves up to do the fallow gralloch and that could explain the shoulder and stomach bites. I'll look out for this direction of travel in the future.

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    I shot a roe buck on saturday. After maybe 5 mins I approached it and did the checks (it was a witnessed stalk so by the book ).
    This buck was dropped on a field recently inhabited by sheep.
    Upon inspection of the groin area I spotted a large castor bean tick heading for the bucks nads whereupon it buried its head to the hilt just to the side of the bucks right tessy.
    I suspect the buck was clean until dropped and the tick immediately found the mark and headed for the favourite area.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    was out a couple of weeks ago stalking and noticed a bite mark with a small ring round it on my stomach but no sign of any tick or anything else,do you think this was a tick ?.Have been stalking for 20 years and never had a bite(always been carefull).

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    Ticks bite the host usually very quickly. You are far more likely to pick up a tick from the environment than another animal [either a dog or deer]. They are attracted to animals by their heat and production of carbon dioxide, there is no heat difference between you and the dog/deer.

    Ticks frequently wait close to deer tracks etc so where you shot your deer may well have been highly infested. A tick that has fed and is removed from your dog won't bite again until next year.

    Get one of the green O tom tick removers. Use nothing that may squeeze them. It takes time for the tick to transmit disease, so the quicker they are removed the better.

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    I scratched off what I thought was a speck of dirt from my belly yesterday only to find the speck crawling away. It was tiny and could only just have started feeding off my ample gut! I've not been near a deer for weeks so assume it must have come from the dog.
    Like sakoson, it's the first time in over 20yrs stalking that I've actually had one get it's dirty gnashers into me.(Just lucky I guess)

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    I've had hundreds of them on me over the years - - I must be a fairly tasty morsel as far as they're concerned. Joking aside, I cannot emphasise enough how dangerous these things are. I know several people including my own sister who are quite debilitated with the effects of Lyme Disease. Google it and learn as much as you can.


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