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    South Africa

    Hi All,
    Just returned from my trip in SA.
    The wife and I stayed with friends in Durban, and because the rivers were in flood no fishing was carried out, so a lot of sight seeing was carried out and game drives where lots of pics were taken.
    But, we did drive approx 500 miles and stayed for a few days near the diamond capital of SA called kimberley (i can deal in diamonds now!) and my friend arranged a hunt.
    The day before i had to pass a shooting test, i fired 3 shots, 2 were observed within the 2'' circle at 100 yards, but the 3rd was missing, that worried me and the guide, until we walked to the target and discovered one shot went straight though the same hole, and yes he does his own reloading!
    It was nothing like i expected, the farm was huge, several thousand acres of open plain and scrub with tree's that the mother of all thorms sticking out.
    We drove around on a pick up until the quarry was spotted at a distance, then off the back with the guide, i wouldn't describe it as stalking as i could barely keep up with him, this happened on several occasions and it was hot, 35c!
    But eventually we found what we were after, an impala buck for the freezer, to say i was nervous would be a huge understatement but i was happy using his .243 Sako as i use one myself.
    So job done and what a great time we had.

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