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Thread: New Shoot Captain.... OMG!

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    New Shoot Captain.... OMG!

    Hi guys, i have just been landed the shoot captains job on my predominately pheasant shoot and historically the captain has been a grumpy old chap. I know we have one of the best topographies in the area with 2500 poults going down as we have aquired some additional neighbouring land, We take 24 or so roe off and have wild duck over ponds and river also.
    Has anyone got any ideas how to brighten everones days up and get them motivated to do a bit more?
    There may be a space left for a half gun.. fit and local please!

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    "Has anyone got any ideas how to brighten everones days up and get them motivated to do a bit more?"

    Topless loaders ?

  3. #3 5 bottles of sloe gin i got in my flask, thats motivation !

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    No women in the shooting field , or mobile phones , autos, laughing , german dogs , scratching ya bum , white socks or trainers , matching socks and garters to be worn at all times

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    Red-dot We had this problem on our Shoot last year and the only thing you can do to nip it in the bud at the outset is call a meeting/working party for a Sunday morning getting all Guns/Beaters/Pickers up along (no excuses). At this time you have to explain that the success of the Shoot is down to all and does not just fall to the Shoot Captain and that where ever possible they will be required to muck in- brashing, vermin control, pen maintenance, feeding etc.

    Ask them if there are anythings that they would like to see implemented/done differently without promising to resolve but it makes them feel part even if you have to explain why something doesn't work.

    On a Shoot I beat at, we have a sweep stake on Shoot days 1 a go to call the number of birds shot and the winner gets the collection (open to all) They also have a barbeque and clay day.

    Failing everything else just get them to wear hi-viz vests- the Guns did this one Beater's Day to take the p*ss out of their shooting abilities, but given some of the Guns, it is more the Beaters that need to show them where they are

    Good luck, alot of hard work ahead

    PS Hope this was not just an excuse for a free ad for a half Gun???

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    Our shoot captain said at the end of one day, he was booking a coach to take everyone to specsavers, they had shot so badly.

    some were not amused.

    work parties are a good way of breaking down the barriers between people.

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    Thanks, we do the sweep, one for the guns and one for the beaters.. thinking of a wee fox drive for this saturday as we have the work parties every 2nd Saturday... I thought of the topless beater idea but some of the guns could put Jordan to shame... vermin control is a must and i am the only one doing that at this important time.
    No it wasn't a cheap shot for the spare 1/2 gun but we do want someone willing and local.

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    It always surprises me that people who join shoots need motivating. I assume you mean the work side rather than the shooting side (the easy bit). As shoot captain you cannot be all things to all people, you are the boss and the rules should be laid down from the start, if people aren't prepared to do their bit then they should be kicked out next season. Sorry, but if you are not careful you will end up doing everything yourself.
    You are the keeper and his word should be the final one. There are far too many who stroll up to shoot and have no imput apart from the fee. You will always have problems where there are elderly and not so nimble folk who are in the shoot, but as they leave they should be replaced by folk who should be left in no doubt what is expected of them.
    Sounds a bit harsh I know, but I've been there and know that unless rules are laid down and adhered to it can all too easily end up with the captain doing all the work and getting moaned at into the
    Finally, and a pet hate of mine where syndicates are concerned, are guns who just don't turn up on the shooting days, if you run on a peg system this can be a real pain, also the guest rules need to be sorted together with half guns and when they actually shoot, too often they seem to end up shooting full days! Good luck

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    Red-dot, I see the new captain is going to be just as 'grumpy'

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    Not at all... safety, fun, hard work in that order.

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