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    Docter Binos

    Hi All,I was looking through some 10x40 Docter optics binos and thought they were very good,it was a bright sunny afternoon tho.My damaged eye is getting a bit worse,and I think the extra mag compared to my Zeiss conquest 8x30 would be of benefit.I already have 8x56 Docter scope on my 243,so have some experience.Does anyone have or had this bino.I thought price of 460 for them was quite good & could trade my Zeiss in or sell prior. Any help/comments appreciated.

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    I have some 8x42 from they do 10x42 your more than welcome to try mine for quality, might just save yourslef a few bob

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    Hi,cheers but went to Weldon Gunroom last week and had a look through three brands,Docter 10x42,Steiner 10x42,Minox 10x42.They were all good especially the Docter,but I preferred the Minox which surprised me ,but have put my name down on pair.They are mostly for long range scanning for foxes,& when I"m looking for pigeons.ATB

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