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    Atec maxim

    Any one use the atec maxim moderator ?, saw one in a mates gunshop the other night and was quite impressed.
    I have the cmm4au on the .308, but i put a fair few rounds through the .243 and have been told this would be better on the gas cutting ? any thoughts DF

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    I was talking to Jacksons about this mod last week; I haven't seen one yet but, sounds interesting.

    As i understood it, it's a slightly larger CMM that sleeves the barrel and has some stainless baffles.

    Is it much larger in diameter than the CMM?


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    Have just had a 30 cal model fitted to my 308. I am hoping to try it out at the range this weekend. Will post feedback.

    They have been out here for over a year(I think) and apart from some metal issues(now sorted) on some early models have been selling well.

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    Have the A tec on my .308, had 2roe and a young red last wk, on my fit and comp cert. makes the handling sogood compared to my T8. abit worried about burning so willonly use it for stalking

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    No problems with my Maxim and 20" newly shortened barrel(308W). Managed to get groups(3 shot) under an inch within 10 shots including sighting in shots.
    Regards Toby

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