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    bracco italiano

    has anyone came across this breed in the field,are they any good,are they registered with the kennel club yet.they are still pretty rare and last i heard they were on the import register.any info on this breed would be great

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    Not an expert on them, but do have some Italian clients who work them,not impressed a bit slow and ponderous for my liking, but to be fair probably not seen enough of them to form an opinion.

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    yes i thought they would be a bit slow and a bit of a plodder,but i really like the look of them,i remember going to stonehouse to see one a guy had,i was close to buying one years ago but i would not have worked it.i heard they have quite a few health issues so was too big a risk to take.

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    One of the older gundog breeds. Many will express ann opinion, but few have either seen them and less actually worked them.

    They do lope which does seem slow until you consider how much they have actually covered. They genuinely have a phenominal nose - similar to that of the bloodhound.

    They are effectionate and intelligent dogs so don't do well shut up alone and if kept in an outside kennel, make sure you get it a kennel mate.

    There's a breed meeting near Newport, South Wales on the 19th June, but contact the breed society if you need more acyual handlers experience:

    Almost forgot. Going rate for a good pup from known healthy working stock is approx 1200

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