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Thread: Bourbon or Jack Daniels marinade

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    Bourbon or Jack Daniels marinade

    As requested in another thread, this is how I make the marinade. So far I have only cooked pork this way, but I will try it on venison soon.

    Mix equal measure of good quality maple syrup with Bourbon (or JD), add a splash of soy sauce and Lee & Perrins, add some crushed garlic, ground ginger and black pepper.

    I cannot say what amounts, I made this from scratch and never wrote it down. Perhaps start with one clove of garlic, and half a teaspoon of ginger, and a dozen good grinds of the pepper mill, and adjust to taste from there. The amounts will vary according to how much you are wanting to make, just use common sense.

    Marinade the meat for however long you like but not much point in less than an hour.

    Grill or fry the chops to your liking.

    Take the left over marinade and bring it to the boil (careful, it can froth and burn) and simmer to reduce it a little, pour over the meat once served to make a glaze.

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    Jack Daniels and definately dump the garlic.
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