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Thread: Light coloured fallow

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    Light coloured fallow

    Have been stalking recently on foot and have found that even in low light the light fallow stand out like beacons thus showing me where groups are grazing or resting up, as I have found them so much easier to spot, I have only been shooting the melonistic deer. Does anyone else do the same?

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    You are right mate, and I believe natural selection will soon play a part!
    Fallow will soon become nocturnal in their habits once you start to shoot them!
    You will naturally cull the lighter ones as they are easier to see. The darker ones will survive. i'm seeing it all the time now locally. The population seems to becoming darker and more nocturnal. Darwins theory of evolution!

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    A guy I used to stalk with didn't cull the light coloured deer for that very reason, it made it easier to find them as they really stood out and showed where the herd was. There's a few white fallow in this part of north Wales and you can see them with the naked eye from nearly a mile away.
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    It's the same down here in Hampshire. The darker ones survive and the menils & commons tend to get shot first. As you say - just easier to see.



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    I shot the odd white fallow but like to leave some so I can spot them easier, keepers in the forest used to leave the white ones, and if they dissapered of your beat you knew someone was about who should not be.

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    Very interesting; I posted some photos in a post called; good camo, bad camo. One fallow buck was dark the other white, now normally I'd have gone along with the, shoot the dark one so we can see the white one with others theory; however, I asked a stalker of the new forest which one and he said the white one because it'll attract poachers. ????

    I honeslty don't know , I see mainly melanistic ones , very rarely common ones, so I am generally only shooting the dark ones but some look at like this, they aren't native so any fallow down is good.

    The theory about leaving the white ones is the same as warreners having black rabbits, if you don't see them then you know there is sumut up
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    If you are having trouble with poachers take the white ones out... nothing but big walking light bulbs allowing poachers to be on and off your land more quickly

    No poaching problem then they just become whats appropriate to your cull plan..

    If your lucky enough not to have unwanted visitors then theres nothing better than seeing them bring your awareness to a heard moving through thick woods..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    the biggest problem with fallow is no body realy has an idea in what they want to achieve,

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