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Thread: A small piece of heaven

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    A small piece of heaven

    A piece of Invernessshire I came across the other day. Who could want for more!

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    Where is that Drew? I love to see the water when it is still like that, but I'm pretty sure I just got bitten by a midge

    Looks as if there is going to be a good show of heather this year, I love it when an entire hillside is in bloom.


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    John, it's on the A833 between Drumnadrochit and Beauly.

    The depressing thing is, the lay-by I parked in to take the photo was piled with drinks cans and bottles. What is the matter with these scum bags?

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    Hi Drew,

    I know where you are now. The mess that people leave in the lay-by's really piss me off, having said that I remember, just recently, coming home from Ullapool, about 45 miles, and looking for a dustbin in a lay-by, not a bloody one would you believe. So the fish and cip papers had a nice run through the countryside until they got put in the bucket back home. No excuse I know, but you think the Highland Council would help out a bit.


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    Please tell me that has trout in it!

    You often see wheelie bins in the laybays, put there by the council but people steal them.

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    a small piece of heaven

    fortunately during the next two and a bit weeks my wife and I are going to be just,
    over the hill from this lochen.

    Even if it does rain, who cares, when you are in countryside like this and there are trout to cast to.

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    I have stalking a mile or so to the north of this spot It is a beautifull part of the world but its not just the midges that are a problem the place is covered in ticks and at the end of each stalk we find that we are trying to rid ourselves of the little B's for days after. Still its worth it for both the stalking and the scenery.


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    The first time I rode this road on my motorbike,I loved it, I often come back to Inverness this way if I have been up towards Cannoch, Strathglass. It is fantastic with several small Lochs, I would love to get a plot and build a traditional looking cottage.

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