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Thread: Trigger pull.

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    Trigger pull.

    Right Lads Looking for some advice regards to trigger pull weight,

    I'm shooting a T3 at just over 3lbs (pro's + con's) of going lighter.

    I must be honest the thaught of to light a pull the **** out of

    me. your views please.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I'm down to 2.5lbs now which is relatively light for a stalking rifle. I don't like heavy triggers, but can't see much point in going any lighter than I have as I don't think it will affect my shooting!
    Some of the American settings seem very heavy to me?
    Personal preference I suppose, but safety must be the deciding factor.
    2.5 still feels safe to me.

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    +1 MS, same here. I reduced my T3 to about 2.5lb and it just 'feels right'.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I have my Tikka T3 Varminter 6.5X55 set at 2.75 pounds. My Carl Gustaf .270 goes off at a similar weight.
    My other rifles have the option of a set trigger.

    Delicate trigger settings can be dangerous in cold weather when there is little feeling in the fingers.

    I made myself a trigger-pull tester from a Little Samson 0-7 pound fishing balance.

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    I have just set my T3 at 3lb pull so will see how it goes but it feels much better. It was set at 4lb from new so this must be about middle for diddle

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    I set my Sako at 3lb, it's not the lightest in the world, and I'm sure I would set it lighter if it was a range tool. However, it works perfectly well for stalking and is most importantly safe to handle. The standard sniper rifle is set at 3lb too,...if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me

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    Personal preference, 3.5lbs for me though some of my clients find it a bit heavy.

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    .243 is at 2.5lb and the 30-06 is at 2lb which is lovely.

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    Tikka T3 223 set at a tad over 2lb

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    according to my new 243 it is set at about 4 [going off my own home made measure]....want to get it down to about 2.5-3 to match my other does 'feel' too heavy at the moment but the thought of going less than 2.5 is a bit scarey for me too...


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