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Thread: .22 hornet

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    .22 hornet

    hi folks, just bought a ruger 77 .22 hornet, so far really like it. anyone else using a 22 hornet and how do you like it?
    any tips for a newbie to this caliber?

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    CZ 527 Hornet here, love it to bits.
    Hornady 35 grain V-max over 11 grains of H110 does the business for me.


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    What he said

    Only difference is I prefer Lilgun.

    But the 35grain v-max really are the bees knees.



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    take it you all home load your ammo then?
    was gonna get into this, but not got round to it, any factory ammo you suggest?

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    You should never shoot factory ammo in a Hornet. Bad for your bank account! I did some testing on Winchester Supreme 34 grain and it shot OK, but nothing like handloads. Start reloading and REALLY enjoy your Hornet.~Muir

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    Very pleased with my CZ 527, don't think i'll ever part with it, i'm only a beginner but 35 g V-max with 13 g of lilgun works for me !! Iv'e heard that the Ruger loves the Hornadys 50 g SPSX, there's a good clip on you tube about it ! "22 Hornet and Fox shoot"

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    A good friend has two 22 Hornet's and two 222's. All 4 rifles shoot best with RWS Jagdmatch ammo. This for foxes, magpies, crows, ......

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    I tried Remington 35 grain accu tips when I first got my hornet, pretty good, and if I wasn't going to load for it I would have carried on with them.


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    very underrated caliber, is my most used carry rifle , along with another 40gr s/p & 9gr vit 110/120. super accurate 100yds +

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    thats what i heard very under rated caliber, thought would give it a whirl, thought it be ideal round the farm, close range and got the umph for longer charlie's

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