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Thread: Annoyed beyond words.....

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    Annoyed beyond words.....

    Went stalking yesterday with a friend of mine. Turned up at the appointed spot to meet the stalker only to find that he had another chap with him. We set off to the first set of woods, a walk of some three hundred yards when my friend spotted seven fallow on our side of the treeline so we hit the deck. The stalkers mate scooted to the side of the hedge to our left and promptly let off a shot at two hundred yards hitting one of the bucks. The herd ran down the field and we gave chase along the hedgerow. He took a second shot through the hedge and missed. The herd ran again and chappie hit a second on the run. The herd ran to a second field and paused, a third shot at 375 yards resulted in a gut shot and the end of the beast with a knife.

    Now we have to drag three deer to a collection point, gralloch and load them onto the truck, we now have two hours or less stalking time. They have four hundred pounds worth of deer plus our stalking money. Fecked off is an understatement.

    Your views please.....

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    Ouch, Sounds very dangerous chasing Deer with Loaded weapons and letting shots of at 375yds.

    I would ask what plan was put in place prior to the stalk to ensure safety and who would do what and when. I often stalk in company but always have a predetermined plan of where what who and when. I am also aware of each persons rifle regarding number of loaded rounds in magazine and status of rifle.

    I would doudt you will go with this person again. Learning curves are sometimes very step and expensive but worth it in the long term.

    better luck next time Dalkur

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    I'd ask for a partial re-imbursement, to say the least! That is not the time for the stalker or his buddy to be culling animals, it's the time for him to let you, the clients have YOUR day! Plus, terrible practice to show two stalkers that are paying for a days stalking!!!!

    Never again if I was you,,soooooooo much better available - this kind of behaviour will mean the end of his business.

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    Name and shame pal. Not a very good deal, i would be very annoyed as well .

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    I think I would have fealt the same as you, if after paying for a stalk the guide turned up with his mate and started shooting everything...Money back time
    Hopefully you didnt find him on here....

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    Should be named , if only to protect unsuspecting prospective clients.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    He would not have had a penny off me. If you have paid up front, I would be making a major fuss about this...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Name and shame so that we can all stay well clear.

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    I agree entirely with "fallowm,oor" as this incredibly unprofessional behaviour gives other stalkers who take out paying guests a very bad name. Post his name and details so others who use this site don't get caught the same way!

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    I'd be inclined to have a very frank chat with the stalker about the case before naming him on an open forum, just to make sure there were no mis-understandings of any kind.

    Otherwise, I do agree, it's completely unacceptable.

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