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Thread: 6mm BR

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    6mm BR

    Hi folks

    In process of getting a variation for a 6mm BR to replace 223 which is currently the main foxing gun.

    I have heard that the 6mm can be problematic loading from magazine, hence why RPA only sell as single shot. What are your experiences and what are the good donor actions to start from

    Ideally will be looking for current gun rather than having the expense of having one commissioned on my behalf

    Will be going to CLA later in year where a lot of the custom boys will be showing and I can quiz them but after any ideas for a starter for 10

    Thanks in advance


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    Have a look on Valkerie rifles website, there is a Tikka M595 6BR on there (2000).

    I have heard that the 595 magazine feeds the 6br well from a .22-250 action

    Ive used one a little bit and have to say they are very good and the 22br i have used foxing was also very good


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    Mine is built around a rem action and sits in a AICS stock, had a small block itted to the rear of the mag to shorten it so no issue with cycleing rounds..

    Mine is a 12 twist useing mid weight bullets....

    You will enjoy this round im sure,its accuracy is amazing.....

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    Yes they have a reputation for being hard to get to feed well, but I'm not sure if it is really justified. I bet the reputation came from America and came about because there wasn't (isn't?) an off the shelf magazine box for the Remington 700, meaning that your average custom gunsmith (or component assembler) couldn't get reliable feeding. The answer is to just find someone who can make the magazine box for you. Mike Norris can do it, as I'm sure can others...
    Also bear in mind that 6mmBR is probably the most popular cartridge for 300m 3-position match shooting and the CISM (rapid fire) competition is also very often shot with magazine fed 6mmBR, so reliable feeding is and always was possible. The Bleiker CISM is a magazine fed match rifle in 6mmBR off the shelf (albeit an expensive shelf!).

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    6mmBR will feed flawlessly from a Sako 75 6mmppc mag.


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    as long as its a 22/250 mag you use on the tikka m590 or m595 action then it will feed superb

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    Excellent choice, shooting buddy has a Norman Clarke custom built on a sako action, MacMillan stock. Feed is flawless. Deadly accurate, 1:12 70grn Nosler B/T. With a Nightforce you could shoot the Balls off a gnat with it !!!! (I can't cause my eyes aint that good).


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    I have one on a Remi 700 action with a spring type magazine (not the removable box type) and the feed is far from reliable. Any sugestions for a fix?

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    Have a look at the link JCS posted above

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