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Thread: week end with yorkshireroe very own john and mel

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    week end with yorkshireroe very own john and mel

    Right my self and shotgunspud(alex) went to yorkshire this weekend just gone to our long time friend john robson.
    we didnt arrive till late but when we did we where meet my John Mel & Andy(wee man)
    after a pint and catch up off to bed ready for the morning ahead.
    I went with John and Alex with mel.
    Me and John got to 1 of his many bits of grounds for around 6ish john told me the rough ly out of the ground back stops ect, i loaded up and off we went hadnt been left the car 2 mins when Johns spots a buck making his way across the field 500 yrds to our left but heading our way "come on i know where that going" so with a bit of pace we stalked along the hedge, after about 300yrds John stopped to scan over the hedge just as i went to lift up i could see his hand saying freeze, the buck had doubled back stright at us he was now only 40yrds the other side of the hedge so very slowy we moved so i could get up on the sticks, as i got up i was in full view so gun down looked though the scope could see a clear safe shot and "bang" then i got the famous "good shot reload" the buck then ran stright though the hedge ran 30 ft and fell dead, on inspection shot add done both heart and lungs so more then pleased and a big thank you to Mr Robson
    later in the evening went out with Mel saw does but no bucks,
    next morning out with mel again seen a cracking buck but no shot,
    later in the evening same spot to try for the same buck lots of barking going on but no show, we moved up the side of the wood another 1000yrds to wait the rest of the evening out had been there 10 mins of that golden last hour when i spot a doe walk out looking behind all the time when sure enough theres a buck but she would not move from the front of him what seemed hours which was probley 2 mins she walked fwd leaving him feeding quick whisle head up "bang" buck number 2 dead of the spot. then 2 mins after my shot i get a msg from a very happy alex saying he had DEREK so again all round very enjoyable trip just as ever big thanks to John and Mel

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    Congrats on a great trip and good shooting

    ..when that doe looks behind here coming out of the woods at this time of year,,,you know there's often a good buck to follow

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    Thanks Lee just sorry there was no time to film the shot.
    Heres a photo anyway of the first buck.

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    well done to all!! sounds like yous lads had a cracking time stalking,and a great write up too...but john what next now that DEREK is no more??

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    It was a pleasure taking you and Alex out for the weekend, realy enjoyed your company [ Mal ] not Mel.

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    Mal on a laptop my god nice one mate thought you only new how to work a lighter and a rifle.... but seeing you have given up the smoking!! laptop takes over,,, stay off them porn sites.

    Mal you are one in a million mate had one hell of a lough with you john and wee man!!! even if most of it was at you we all love you mate.... still dreaming of you with you teeth out

    also just seen you joined in feb 2010 and this was you first post....LOL

    See you very soon i hope take care you old ****.

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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    Thanks Lee just sorry there was no time to film the shot.
    Heres a photo anyway of the first buck.

    Lee are the rest of the Y.M.C.A in the next photo with you???

    and give coco his boots back will you...
    Last edited by Shotgunspud; 14-04-2011 at 09:36.

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    1,Spelling good well done.
    2,full stops not bad well done.
    3,Your over the top story about your 5 yard shot again good well done.
    But calling Mal Mel not something will are going to over look.

    Mal you right he is a ###t

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    Some great craik there lads (as ever).
    But you should introduce yourself propely mal to save getting up the mods noses.

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