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Thread: Sako 85 Sticky loose bolt

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    Sako 85 Sticky loose bolt


    i got a Sako 85 in Grey lam and there has been something bugging me since i got it.

    The bolt will only slide in and out without juddering if i use the kind of flick or throw

    When you pull the bolt out in a controlled manner such as when your about to shoot a fox it kind on judders and sticks slightly all the way in and out.

    This has left marks on the bolt where its sticking in a kind of ring pattern.

    the bolt is also generally pretty loose and the tolerances seem pretty **** to be honest.

    i have tried oil and WD40 but nothing seems to help for long.

    Anyone else have similar problem or got any ideas?


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    I have had the same annoying trait with the bolt sticking on a Sako 75 Finnlite action for years, bolt grease helps but doesn't cure it. This is the main reason I prefer my Tikkas (595 and 695) which are as smooth as silk, and half the price! WD40 is not a lubricant, it is purely a Water Displacement product ( WD)

    If anyone has a clever cure, I'd also be interested to know, as the rifle is very accurate and otherwise a pleasure to shoot.


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    I read somewhere that this can happen when the bolt and action are stainless.
    I wonder if you got the bolt coated with one of the aftermarket coatings would it cure it.

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    I have a Sako 85 S/S in .243. The bolt is designed to be little on the slack side (as many are these days). As long as it's tight when you drive the cartridge into the chamber a lock it down it'll be fine. WD 40 a big No No. Oil..a big No No.

    A light coating of grease.....a big Yes Yes ! When I remove the bolt for storage I give it a very light greasing and wrap it in a lightly greased rag and store it in a re-sealable plastic bag. It did the trick for me and now it's always nice and crisp.

    It seems to get better with use by the way

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    i was thinking some of that spray teflon might be good?

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    Not a problem I have experienced with mine - perhaps worth letting a gunsmith take a look and give an opinion on cause?

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    Quote Originally Posted by palo View Post
    I read somewhere that this can happen when the bolt and action are stainless.
    I wonder if you got the bolt coated with one of the aftermarket coatings would it cure it.
    Mine has been TiAIN coated, didnt change a thing

    and yes, it is a stainless action, and right enough it feels as though it is 'galling' , bolt grease helps.

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    I've had three modern Sakos and all have had sloppy feeling bolts, especially on an empty chamber. The throw on my cheapy Tikka T3 feels much slicker.
    All have been much improved by the application of grease. I have a tube of Shooter's Choice grease (below) that I have found pretty good:
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    I had the same problem with a Sako 75 the cure was quite simple I just polished the hell out of the bolt with AUTO SOL metal polish how it slides
    like glass no lube required.

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    Well i tried to polish it with stainless steel cleaner and it helped but it didnt solve it.

    I spoke to GMK and explained that this is causing me feeding and extracting issues when shooting in the dark. there has to be nearly 0.75mm of play in this bolt. So when your closing it its not running down the action parallel. im not convinced the bolt is totally stationary when its closed either as i can see subtle movement when i mess with the bolt.

    Anyway its going back to GMK to see if they can "Fix" it, but i doubt that since its poor machining tolerances!

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