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Thread: Unfortunate ......

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    Unfortunate ......

    ....but un-necessary .

    In a village situation why can't people just be told to not go on the 'pitch'; especially when there are so many deer in the area; and it really berates me when the answer is 'your supposed to be shooting them' ... yes but I can't shoot them all and especially when I've got to chase this kind of thing around the estate for a day. The village green preservation society!!!

    and yes, that is a metal road pin that dangled down

    (oh and in case you are wondering , I didn't have means of taking a picture so it was topped and tailed before i could get hold of a camera so I could send it to the agent and trustees!

    Cricket Pitch 'Cordon' :

    ..and my second bug bear; the result of let syndicate hoorar shooting when one party goes they certainly aren't going to tidy up and the incoming party aren't going to either and the estate is too skint to do it themselves!

    Old Pheasant pen:

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    Spare every hummel you see, and breed the antlers off 'em!
    (Sorry to always bring sheep into my posts, but that's basically what some hill farmers are doing with sheep now fence wire is replacing stone walls).

    Seriously, though, it's horrible the mess animals can get into with debris like this. I used to live on an offshore island, and starving seals wrapped in discarded trawl netting were a pretty common sight.

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    Not nice round bale net wrap is another

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    Unfortunetly it just seems to be happening more and more and I think its a 50/50 split between deer population and economics of driven game shooting ( aside the cricket pitch invasion!).

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