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Thread: any tips???

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    any tips???

    Right guy's after afew months i,m now of stalking for the 1st time at the weekend. i,m stalking saturday morning/evening and sunday morning.i,ve got clothes,bino's and thats about it lol. it's accompained stalking with an estate rifle, was hoping to take my own rifle but as my fac has not turned up yet thats not happening. (3 1/2months) i,m building my equipment up as i go so i,m wondering what i need to take with me. As i build my stuff up what are the essentials and what are luxuries. any advise gratefully recieved. stav

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    a good sharp knife!! some sticks might come in usefull in the furure too!!

    good luck for the weekend, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    the not so obvious luxury TOILET PAPER ! and a mars bar
    good luck chap

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    your wallet!

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    Your guid should prity have the essentials covered. I would say bins and a good set of sticks should do it, obviously waterproof clothing, good hat and some gloves (weather dependent)

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    Dont forget your camera for your 1st stalk as out three times you should be lucky enough to need it..

    And a sense of humour to enjoy it all..

    Good luck..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Having read a previous post my tip is don,t pay until after the stalk

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    hi stav never forget my first time, take a net for your really enjoy it mate ..when the bug bites your hooked for life

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    a scaffold tube just in case lol have a great weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by venison16 View Post
    a scaffold tube just in case lol have a great weekend thousands of scaffold tubes, it's a rifle i what to take with me

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