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Thread: Apel EAW Pivot Mounts Help needed !

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    Apel EAW Pivot Mounts Help needed !

    Morning all,
    I have 3 Sauer 202 rifles in .375 , .308 and .243 . All have Apel mounts and I want to interchange scopes for differrent quarry. However at the moment none of the scope feet fit exactly between rifles . Is there any adjustment in the bases, and if so where is it . I understand that the .375 might be a problem as it is a magnum action but I would expect to be able to swap between the 2 standard actions. Any help / advice greatly appreciated.

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    As a rule the answer is no you can't. as the distance between the foot plates varies considerlably and very often there is a difference in hight between the front and rear plate. Even with identical rifles it is hardly ever possibe. This is due to the tolerances that are to be found on the rifle and the mounts. thay don't tell you that when you buy them. i am in the same boat as you. Sorry


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    HI again
    Forgot to say i also have 3 sauer 202 .243 classic synth .308 forest .300 win mag you can interchange the scopes on the same rifle but you cant interchange scopes rifle to rifle even on the same lenth action . now watch someone shoot me down in flames.


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    Cheers mate hope you are wrong but have a have a horrible and expensive feeling you are right.

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    You would only get interchageability on the same action length and theoretically the spacing of the screw holes should be the same on both rifles, but manufacturing tollerances are such that ths is unlikely to be the case.

    If you took it to a very good riflesmith he should be able to accurately drill out the mounting holes to a larger size of screw and thus ensuring that the distance between the mounting faces is thus identical.

    But before I went to that length try and remount the scope on one rifle and keep the clamp rings around the scope slightly slack, then try it in the next rifle and adjusting it very slightly so that it swings in, before going back to the first and checking again, and then tightening every thing up.

    But I think you might well find that in practice the most satisfactory solution would be one scope per rifle and get that sighted in and leave it on the rifle.

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    The Apel system was never intended to allow the shooter to swap scopes about.
    The main principle was the ability to remove the scope and use `open` sights for driven game shooting and quickly re-fit it if a necessary for a longer range stationary target.
    I have a set of Apel mounts on my Carl Gustaf .270 stalking rifle and it is NEVER taken off.
    If the scope is taken off one rifle and put on another it will have to be re-zeroed to suit the new host rifle.


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    I have two sets of Apel mounts currently.
    There is a lateral adjustment on the rear scope fitting, you loosen a screw at one side and tighten up the opposite side.
    Prior to trying too zero a scope mounted on Apels I count the lateral clicks to one side on the scope and then turn it half way back.
    This ensures maximum windage adjustment in either direction on the scope.


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