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Thread: steiner binoculars

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    steiner binoculars

    hi all,just thought i would let you no having had a pair of swaro for many years ,and running over them ..yes i no .. i have brought a new pair of steiner 8x56 and wow whot a pair thay are .all i have to say is dont bother with the high ends,save your money buy a pair of steiner .

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    I spent ages pondering over my binos...

    Had a pair of Steiner in one hand and Swaro in the other at the Sportsmans in Dorchester..

    The Steiner are bloody good but still went for the Swaro's..

    Having damaged the Swaro's the after sales service on them is fantastic and parts replaced foc
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Recently bought S/H 7x50 Steiner, can't believe how good they are

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    I love my Steiner Skyhawk pro 8 x 42 there was nothing between them and the swaro's in the shop except half the price and smaller . I like the top and bottom lense covers though my bottom ones have fallen off through daily hard use and am struggling to replace them.
    A pal I go stalking with has the top of the range Leica RF bins I think 10 x 50 I like the range finding bit but we have tryed them side by side at low light and we have both found the Steiners have it for seeing detail. And they are alot smaller and lighter and a third if not a quarter of the price. (I have a seperate range finder)

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    Watching tele on sky the other night..

    How do they do that was on.

    They followed a pair of Steiner bino's being made... From selection of the crystal lenses, through grinding, polishing, glueing, construction of materials and then filling with gas etc.

    Really interesting and to be honest I now know why binos and scopes cost so much money!!!



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    i agree! i've used Zeiss and then Steiner's and Steiners are just fantastic! tho, i must admit that my Swaroski 8 x 56 does beat my binos by a few minutes!

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