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Thread: Introduce myself, hmmm thats a toughy !!

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    Introduce myself, hmmm thats a toughy !!

    Hi Rob AB here doing the intro, a first for me as I dont get out much !
    To be honest I was searching for a Mossburg hushpower 410 pump for my lads 21st and google somehow guided me to your web site, devine intervention ?? a member from Sussex was saying he "still had his for sale" but I was unable to mail him, so here I am.

    Well I am mid 50ies fairly bald and somewhat greying, no thats not relevant, I have been a shotgun liscence (spelling ?) holder for 40 years, used to belong to a pistol club years ago,have shot a small number of rifles again some years ago (not at live targets) and was a BASC member recently as I believe that they are good for the shooter and need shooters support ( not a member currently, slap wrist ). I live near Dover and have done for most of my life used to work at Hoverspeed, a small ferry company who used to run noisy smelly machines across the channel, but they were the best !!

    Have I said too much ?

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    Not a huge volume of shotgun sales on here and the Mossburg hushpower 410 pumps that have appeared once in awhile tend to go quickly, but welcome and good luck finding one.

    I liked your introduction and remember fondly trying to drink on a Hoverspeed on a bumpy crossing - should one abort the attempt or risk missing ones mouth and splashing the drink over your face. A great form of Russian roulette.


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    Thank you for the message Neal I am pleased that you "fondly" remember, I recon that there are a lot of people that remember their trips on the Hovers and many a drink was spilt on somebody else, I worked shoreside mostly repairing their ancient and rusty support equipment but had a few memorable trips.

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    Oh the Hoverport brings back a load of memories.... but they were different times.

    I used to live near Dover, welcome to the site .

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    All the best and welcome Rob.


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