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Thread: Hassle free case cleaning ...........

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    Hassle free case cleaning ...........

    I've long since moved on from tumblers to ultrasonic cleaners and dumped expensive cleaners in favour of cheap 'own brand' cola. Now the wife commented that some old biddy on a TV show had used the same cheap cola to clean her toilet and i wondered how effective the cola alone would be cleaning cases ; no ultrasonic cleaner, cloth, wiping or agitation in any way.

    I dumped 50 old dirty 7.5x55 cases in a half empty 2 litre bottle of ASDA cola and left them for 24hrs. You'll have to forgive the quality of the pics, but the results are great. A quick sloosh round under the tap and left to dry afterwards and the results are pretty much as good as a couple of long cycles on the ultrasonic cleaner.

    19p for effortless clean brass without any tumblers, ultrasonic cleaners or fuss. I can live with that.

    Dirty case:

    Case cleaned:

    Comparing one before and after:

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    sounds like its worth a try at least.

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    You might be able to re-cycle your coke, as a zinc supplement!
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    Just drops some cases in DietCoke so I will see what happens tomorrow

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    be interested to see what the inside looks like

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    I did the same, Offroad Gary recommended it on another thread...I had some cases that were VERY dark and tarnished, so they went into Coke for 6hrs, and they came out shiny as anything, as well as the inside having been cleaned too. I did give them a real good wash and soak afterwards though..

    In lack of a tumbler - a great solution IMHO

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    In my ultrasonic cleaner I use a couple of tablespoons of citric acid powder which is the ingredient in coke that is making the differance. You can buy it on ebay.


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    Coke is unbelievable stuff, no wonder it destroys teeth!! I have seen it used on board a ship to help remove a rust seized bolt, soaked for twenty four hours and the bolt unscrewed no problem!!

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