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Thread: emmacustom rifles

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    emmacustom rifles

    just a quick one anybody used the new mossberg atr 243 rifle as one for sale with emmacustomrifle

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    These rifles are really popular in NZ, they come with a number of stock options and are even sold fully moderated.......ive a pal with one in .308 who shot a sub 1 inch group with the first 3 shots he put through it...........

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    Mossberg used to or still have howa 1500 style rifles under a different name or?
    Isn't the new Mossberg a totally different rifle, cheaper too? Not to be confused with howa.

    Some cheapy rifles are astonishing.
    Last weekend I bedded and reinforced the stock of a stevens 200 rifle in 308.
    The owner, new to rifle shooting shot 1" groups using UMC FMJ ammo with it, first day out.

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    Beware of emma custom rifles, If you are buying a new "out of the box rifle" I'm sure you'd have no problems but given my own experiance with them I would not let them undertake any work on it. I'm not one to bad mouth people but they caused me a LOT of hassle, worry and expense when I took a rifle to them for some work.

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