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Thread: Near disaster (thank duck i had the dog)

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    Near disaster (thank duck i had the dog)

    I went back to the newly positioned high seat last night to try for the young lad i filmed last week.

    In just a short space of time the buds are well out on the birches,

    Eventualy i spotted him, along with his girlfriend down in the bottom left corner, she stood broadside for me dozens of times in open, giving me ample chances, (if she was a buck)
    the young lad on the otherhand was being very elusive, just catching glimpses of him.

    Eventualy he stepped out on to the track, giving me a good shot, it sounded good as the bullet struck home
    kicking his legs out, and off into the thick cover.
    Time to climb down and go find him. I found pink frothy blood where he was stood, i didnt think he would be far away
    But as i cast ever widening semi-cricles, and with no more track to follow, criss crossing the area there was no sign of him.
    The light was fading by now so i went back to the motor to fetch the lab, she was sent out, casting about,
    eventualy she stopped moving through the cover and stayed put for a while,
    this looked good, sure enough she had found him. He had done a forest gump for about 50yds before giving up on life,
    A good find from my dog, which might have been a lost deer.

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    well done.
    Just a question I see your dog appears to be licking the haunch, is this where the bullet exited?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    No,(but thanks for asking, sorry the vid quality is poor due to finding the deer near dark) its the exit hole through the chest, just at the behind the front leg.

    With the blood being pink and frothy thats a sign of the bullet going through the lungs.

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    Personally i think everyone who stalks should have a dog or at least access to a dog for just such occasions.Nice piece of ground you have there mate .

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