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Thread: about time i introduced myself......

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    about time i introduced myself......

    Well gents...ladies,
    Its about time i introduced myself, i've been a member on here a little while now and if i want to post questions/replys its only right you know abit about me....

    My names Harry, and i've been into game shooting, clay shooting and vermin control for some years now. Recently i've been granted my FAC after doing some stalking in Scotland with a good friend. I think i've ALOT to learn about deer, and im hoping some of you will be kind enough to guide me in the right direction if i ask for help.

    A brief (and i mean brief) bit about me, Im currently in the Army and have been for over 4 years now, Im very passionate about my shooting and love to get out doors, to that end when im on leave i often get out with the local keeper at my folks's and help out. He's taught me alot, but not so hot on the deer.

    So if i appear to ask a stupid question, please forgive my ignorance.


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    welcome to sd! everyone has to learn and we all ask stupid questions at some time or other, its not ignorance!! good luck with the stalking hope you enjoy it as much as i do!
    Regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Hello Harry - - and a warm welcome.


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    Helo both

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