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    Season opener

    Last Tuesday evening saw me at a spot ive had for fox control around organic chicken sheds and the farmer by way of thanks, has asked me to cull a few deer as the numbers are well up due to the cropping this year and the amount of rape grown next door .Four big fields surrounded by thick hedges and a pond in the middle ,perfect.Walked around the first field right handed to get the wind right and crossed the ditch into a big field where i knew the deer would be.Couldnt see anything from the first glass but as the corn is now a bit long i didnt expect to straight away .Moving up the hedge i glassed a doe sat down apparently on her own .Further glassing revealed a buck about 20 yds on from her, a small yearling spiker .Looking at the bigger picture i glassed the far side of this big field and wasnt surprised to see two more bucks in a group of 5 lead along the hedge bottem but still in velvet ,a 4 and 6 pointr respectively.To my left ,i glassed another buck on his own and further along the hedge from where i first started .He was up and feeding and presented a beter shot and more of a challenge too .He was a good 300 yds away and feeding towards me so a bit of stealth was required.Retracing my steps to the ditch i stooped low and steadily made my way towards the buck stopping when he stopped feeding ,you know the drill .Glassed again and could see what appeared to be an old buck with semi clean six points on an old face .I was now only 120 yds away according to the ranger but still not fully sighted due to the cover .I extended the bipod and took a look ,waiting for the shot but he moved down into the ditch .Crawling forward i got to within 70 yds or so and another glass revealed it was a neck shot or nothing .Steadied the breathing and squeezed off to see a cloud of pins drift away on the breeze .On inspection ,maybe not as old as first thought but not the best here by by a long way .First buck grassed this season ,the first of many i hope .

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    Very nice buck well done !!!

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