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Thread: International Species Locator?

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    International Species Locator?

    Hi folks, just wondered if anyone here could help please?

    I'm looking for a website which will tell me which game species are available to hunt in various coutries around the world - does anyone here have any thoughts or idea's as to where I could find that out?

    Please feel free to PM me.

    Cheers folks


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    species around the world

    If you go on to DIANA HUNTING TOURS you will find a map of the world and where you can shoot with them this will give you a reasonable idea of whats where . I dont know if this is any help or not hope so

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    Many thanks, much appreciated.

    I didn't realise that their website was still live, surprised iI guess is the word, but delighted to have found it - thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHuntingAgency
    Many thanks, much appreciated.

    I didn't realise that their website was still live, surprised iI guess is the word, but delighted to have found it - thanks!
    why surprised?
    can you elaborate in anyway, if not on open forum please pm me
    kind regards

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    Safari Search Engine

    Hi all, a while back I posted this question asking about game species and it's availability - I also posted the same question on hunting sites around the world and found that there wasn't a single point of reference for what I was after - so.....

    Please would you guys take a look at - I had some spare time and an active interest and what I was hoping to create was a single website that contained the details of every huntable species around the world together with information and photo's of it, not to mention the locations where they could be hunted and details of the outfitters that could take me there to hunt them.

    This is the first draft of it and it's a long way from being finished, but the species and location searches work well enough and I'd love for you guys to let me know what you think of it?

    I'll be adding a resources section shortly which will certainly contain links back to this website, as my existing network of outfitter sites already do.

    Not bad for a first attempt though, but please let me know what you think!



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    Got the makings of a great resource there. Can you explain the term 'outcast' please?

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    Hi Frax, thanks for that.

    Outcastrs - sure, it's what a group of PH's in Namibia call Hyaena, Jackal and Baboons - in other words, pesky stuff that the locals hate and therefore don't give a fair chance to when it comes to exposing trophy hunters to them.

    Jackals are generally shot on site with the carcass being given to the local Himba and Herero folks who think it a luxury, but it's worth more respect than that as anyone with a winter-shot Jakal pelt will tell you! Same thing with Hyaena, personally I find the great sport to hunt and a fantastic trophy too, but again these are overlooked by visiting hunters, generally because the local PH doesn't consider them worthy.

    Hense 'Outcasts'



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    Ostrich as a "wing" species?


    We have a problem: I never knew that an ostrich could be classed as a "wing" species? Maybe you should just live with the inaccuracy? Or change the classification to "Feathered"? Or change ostrich to "outcasts" or "non-dangerous" ?

    Nice dilemma? Let's see what can be done?

    In good hunting.

    Andrew McLaren

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    Thanks for the feedback - I'll take a look at the categories later in the month but right now since African Outfitter ran an editorial piece on us and our network of hunting related websites, we're kinda busy right now helping Outfitters promote themselves online - the species linking to locations which in turn link to Outfitters and their prices being the real motivation behind the site - that way visitors can search online by outfitter. location and / or species and build their own safari online including obtaining accurate, current pricing information.

    With traditional media-based marketing in Southern Africa & North America combined with strategic ppc placements online, I'm sure you'll appreciate only too well what a balancing act this is, especially in terms of currency conversions, but we are nearly there now and are just about to start uploading all the rifle manufacturers, optics manufacturers and ammunition makers in order to compliment the 3000+ pages already online.

    Al in good time I guess.

    Best regards,


    PS - will you be coming to any of our 23 venue UK Tour? - adds a somewhat different perspective of what our agency offers......


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