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Thread: Tikka M65a Sniper

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    Tikka M65a Sniper

    Chaps and chapses.
    For sale. My Tikka M65A in .308. This rifle is as rare as chickens dentures!
    Recently cast from the police as this was a tac squad rifle and was cast in favour of an Alpine TPG.

    Heavy/palma profile barrel, 3 way adjustable stock, rail for bipods etc, aluminium bedding block in which the action sits, 5 rd detach mag, 30mm original Tikka mounts. Estimated to have been made in early 80s. Looks like the forerunner of the Sako TRG.

    Shoots sub .3 with speer 165gr game kings. Hate to think what it would do with scenars etc. A pleasure to shoot.

    Barrel is pristine.

    800 to some lucky person. Reducing my stock of rifles to make way for others.

    call 07734731133 for further details.

    If any of you are going to be at the 50 cal clubs shoot at warcop on staurday or the Border stalkers shoot on sunday (17th) I will have the rifle with me.


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    See you there

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    I will take it haha
    Damn it, I'm only about 7 years too late

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