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Thread: Hensoldt 10x42 ???

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    Hensoldt 10x42 ???

    I have been offered a Hensoldt 10x42 scope for a very small price. If I do take it, it will eventually put on a 308 for both range and stalking.
    Anyone had any experience of them or know anything about them ??
    Any advice appreciated.

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    Hensoldt are excellent optics in fact so good Zeiss brought them out to get rid of the competition. One of the older optics firms in their latter form Hensoldt made a lot of military optics. I have an old Hensodlt Duralyt 4x rail mount scope that was acquired for a project the optics are superb.

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    as above very good scopes - just make sure its in good working order as getting replacement parts may not be to easy

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    Not sure about parts but Hensoldt is still owned by Zeiss and they now make scopes under the Hensoldt name.

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