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Thread: H f h auction with wayne davis

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    H f h auction with wayne davis

    Third time lucky after just over three months i manage to arange the hfh auction stalk with wayne meet up at 5.30am so it was up at 3.30. to leave derby by four made worse by the wife booking dinner and a show the night before so got to bed a one oclock. As we make our way to the ground wayne tells me we will spend the first hour in a high seat and then we will stalk around the wood land when the sun rises and it warms up hopefuly the muntjac would be on the move. WE had only been in the seat for less than fifteen minutes when a buck slowley came down the bank at about 65 mtrs and stood broad side for a split second number one on the ground quick hand shake photos taken and on with the grolloch.We move on to the next piece of woodland which we stalk for about one and a half hours but nothing to be seen so we move in to another high seat were wayne tried calling in a muntjac and only after ten mins we have a young buck to our right at about 80 mtrs and just before he disappears into a bramble bush another muntie drops on the spot to a 150 grain 30-06. I thought that would be it for the morning be wayne said there was a large area of clear fell he wanted to stalk next we set once more but we only saw the the back end of a muntjac as it disappeard into the under we called it a morning and back to waynes for breakfast . IT was going to be wait til we went out in the evening so wayne said i could come back for another morning stalk on the roe bucks in june what more could i say just a big thank you for a great day.
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    Hi Martyn
    It was a pleasure to take you and thanks for our generous donation to hfh.
    Hopefull find you a Roe in June.



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    What you done to the poor bloke Ninja...

    Shortest write up i ever seen...

    Thats a deadly looking white trigger finger Martyn52...

    Another result lads....
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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