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Thread: norfolk gamefair

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    norfolk gamefair

    hi lads, im in norfolk this weekend thinking of going to the gamefair on saturday. Anybody know if its worth going or not?

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    its an excellent show, it gets bigger year on year, loads of stalls, clay shoot, gundog displays, falconry etc, beer tents and food stall all over, I go every year and never get tired of it

    well worth the entry fee


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    thanks mike, great video by the way

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    Hmm might make a trip up this weekend. Where abouts is it and is it open over the whole weekend?



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    it on both days Saturday and sunday, its at the royal norfolk showground, i think its 12 entrance.

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    Found it to be a bit samey, and get really fed up of seeing stalls for laders and window cleaning gadgets and new frying pans!!

    Going to save my money and go to the CLA instead.

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    It's pretty good - you can easily find enough to interest you for a day. However, the traffic system tends to test your patience.

    I'm probably not going this year as Genetic Survival No. 1 and Genetic Survival No. 2 are too busy revising to go but not too busy to kick up if I just take Genetic Survival No. 3...

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