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Thread: GWP pictures

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    GWP pictures

    Thought it may be nice if everyone who got a pup from my litter out of Molly posted pictures on this thread.

    Why not join in and post your GWP pictures here also. A compilation of GWP pictures.
    Just make a note of the breeding or some info to distinguish your dog.
    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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    Well here are some pice of Wilma out of Moly

    She is coming on great, I have here retrieving from thick rush beds and working with the dummy launcher already.

    Needs some 'heel' work but theres plenty time for that.

    She's very short coated!

    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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    Hi Dennis, here is a few pictures of Heidi. As you can prob see she is growing well.
    Her training is coming on, although I don't want to rush her so just letting her plod along in her own time for the time being. She is showing a natural flair for the water, we can't keep her out of it !!!
    We are very happy with her and she has proven herself to be great with my Son who gives her a world of grief sometimes.
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    What a stunning pup. They have turned out nice :-)

    Would be great to see more of them on this thread, I will get more of wilma in time. Thanks for these...great.
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    Dennis Groom, make every shot a good one

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