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Thread: ..any other wildlife.

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    ..any other wildlife.

    What does this actually mean,as last year my authority told me I wouldn't be needing boar & goat named on my ticket as it is covered by the above.
    I have read the HO guidelines,so I know this is Bravo Sierra.
    If I was to go out after the boar why would I want an estate rifle,as there would be no point in me having a C/F .30cal sitting at home in the safe,that's zeroed,& I'm familiar with using.
    Imagine the crap coming my way if I break the law,when I have nothing in writing from them.
    I think it's time that the various departments realise that there is a requirement to deal with the numbers of these species & to stop giving certificate holders a hard time when they show an interest in taking part in this.

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    other wildlife

    hi mate, scan your ticket and email it to me and i will interperate it for you!


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    I'm still a technophobe, I'll get Mrs DL to do it! Cheers Swampy.

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