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Thread: .270; 130gr Head on Surprise.

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    .270; 130gr Head on Surprise.

    Some time back I shot this munty walking straight towards me , I thought I had a straight through neck shot so thought I'll keep this one for the freezer. As I skinned it i found the bruising ; on closer investigation with the knife I heard a metal on metal noise...........

    and I really hadn't noticed any significant damage in the top of the chest cavity when removing the pluck. At the time I assumed the bullet had gone through the neck and then was projected downwards onto the back. Its a credit to Muntjac's hardiness that the skin was hardly damaged at any point.

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    Hmmmm I am guessimating that's a Sierra bullet.

    Is that correct?

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    I think actually it was out of a Privi and shot out my previous rifle - the PH.

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    I have one like that in the ash tray of my land rover, the bullet not the munty. Really does show you how well the bullet exerts its energy into the animal. Mine was from a 130gr .270 SP RWS.

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